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Landscape Development

Customers first see your landscaping, making commercial landscape development an essential investment in your property. Granite Hills Group ensures that goals are met accordingly, budgets stay in scope and operations are functioning smoothly. Development and install is an expertise that we value. Our top priority is to develop your new community while avoiding any issues and preventing future problems.

Landscape Management

At Granite Hills Group we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services with considerable attention to detail. Our diligent employees combined with the guidance of our knowledgeable management team, will design a customized strategy to maintain your property at the superior level you deserve.

Irrigation and Water Management

To attain and maintain a lush and green look for your property in the Carolinas, an irrigation system is a necessity. Our irrigation professionals work with you to design a system that best fits your property’s lawn areas and overall landscape. We also offer all-point inspections and full service maintenance for existing irrigation systems. Call our irrigation experts today for more details.


Commercial landscape enhancements are what separates properties from others, making your landscaping extraordinary. Our professionals approach each property like it’s their own, paying careful attention to every detail, bringing the talent, and resources that upgrade your aesthetics. There are many ways to improve your properties appeal, contact us for a site visit today!


The temperate climate of the Carolinas is ideal for spending time outdoors for most of the year. Your property’s outdoor areas hold the key to transforming your home into an appealing venue capable of hosting a wide range of family activities, social engagements, and more. Whether it’s for fireplaces or fire pits, kitchens, patios, walkways or retaining walls, our designs will be customized to naturally extend the living space of your home to the outdoor areas. You’ll be sure to increase your own enjoyment as well as that of friends and family—and your property’s value will increase too!


Design is both an art and a science. Both are needed to fully realize your grandest vision and to carefully see to the smallest detail. As your design consultant, we promise to bring both perspectives to every aspect of your project. We’ll also work with you to discover your style and sensibilities and how you want to express these. Our designers will draw upon the latest in horticultural advancements as well as their knowledge of land forms and human structures. Your finished project will be visually striking and foundationally solid.

Snow and Ice Removal

Granite Hills Group understands the importance of keeping your customers and employees safe, which is why we proactively prepare for snow and ice falls. When a winter storm occurs there needs to be an attentive strategy in place that is executed in a timely manner. Snow and ice removal requires a high level of organization and reliability, as a trusting partner we will ensure your property is squared away

Our Mission

Our Core Values

Our Vision

We empower our team of passionate individuals to provide diverse solutions, build authentic partnerships, and create long-term value for our customer and employees.


We value our relationships with our clients, our customers, our employees and our vendors.


We work hard and dont give up. We have an unwavering confidence that we can solve any challenge that arises.


We do the right thing, no matter what. We stand behind our word.

To make the world better by sustainably beautifying our communities while creating life-changing career opportunities for our dedicated team members.

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